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Free Radical Damage and Everything you Need to Know

Free Radical Damage and Everything you Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of the term Free Radical Damage, especially in skincare, but do you know what Free Radicals are? Here’s the 411:

Basic Chemistry of Atoms:

Atoms are made up of neutrons (no charge), protons (positive charge), and electrons (negative charge). Protons and neutrons make up the nucleus at the center of an atom, while electrons orbit around the nucleus.

Stable electrons orbit the atom in even numbers, or pairs. When this pair is broken, singular electrons orbit an atom, and are considered unstable. Unstable atoms are called Free Radicals, and search for other molecules to bond with. They are typically short lived, and are highly reactive. Although Free Radicals can cause damage to cells, they are naturally occurring and can help to fight off pathogens and infections when balanced with Antioxidants.

Antioxidants + Free Radicals:
In order for Free Radicals to function properly, antioxidants are needed. Antioxidants have the ability to donate electrons to Free Radicals, without turning into Free Radicals themselves. When there is an imbalance of free radical activity and antioxidant activity within the body, Free Radicals easily react with other molecules, damaging cells such as fatty tissues, DNA, and proteins in your body. These harmful reactions are called oxidative stress.

Free Radical Damage information

Risk Factors of Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress:

Free Radicals occur naturally in our bodies through processes like exercise, and are a normal part of the body keeping itself healthy. As mentioned previously, imbalances can cause damage to cells, and have been linked to several diseases and disorders, as well as skin aging. Lifestyle and environmental stressors can also accelerate free radical production. Some sources of free radical exposure include smoking, alcohol consumption, radiation, air pollution, chemicals present in household products, and more.

Although it’s impossible to avoid free radicals completely, you can minimize the effects of oxidative stress on your body by doing the following:

  • ●  Diet: Fruits and Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, and consuming these every day can help tremendously. Some antioxidant rich foods include berries, citrus fruits, prunes, leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, turmeric, fish, garlic, and nuts.

  • ●  Sunscreen: Wearing sunscreen helps prevent UV damage to the skin, helping to prevent free radicals from forming.

  • ●  Sleep: Getting enough sleep each night is important for antioxidant and free radical balance, hormone production, brain function, and more.

  •  Avoiding Chemicals: Using natural products that are free of chemicals is much safer for you, and reduces the risk of free radical production through chemical exposure.

When referring to Free Radicals in skincare, UV radiation contributes to the majority of environmentally induced skin damage. Stress, radiation, alcohol intake, poor nutrition, pollution, and overeating all contribute as well. Free Radicals are responsible for breaking down our skin’s collagen, causing the loss of skin elasticity, and forming wrinkles and dark spots. The best way to avoid accelerated aging caused by free radicals is to include foods rich in antioxidants into your diet, wear sunscreen daily, and to supplement your skin with products that offer free radical defense.

KOVO Essentials’ products are all formulated with potent antioxidants and probiotic extracts to restore your skin's microbiome and overall function. Our Award Winning Hydrating Toner Mist is a great way to refresh and supply your face and skin throughout the day, under or over face makeup, with Probiotic Extracts, Green Tea, and other plant-based ingredients that deliver natural antioxidants into the skin. With KOVO, your skin will thrive, and avoid unnecessary accelerated aging.

Our philosophy is to create and provide clean, pure, and result-driven skincare.

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