Bakuchiol (Plant-based Retinol) Vs. Retinol in skincare

Bakuchiol (Plant-based Retinol) Vs. Retinol in skincare

You might be thinking that the beauty world has been more talked about and mainstream recently but the desire to have a perfectly smooth, lifted, and plump appearance has always been around. So many people spend thousands of dollars on their journey to perfect skin, sometimes without progress. It can be very stressful and oftentimes impossible to find a full skincare routine you trust - especially when you're fighting signs of aging. Recently the beauty block has had a new visitor, someone we wish to keep forever! Enter: Bakuchiol! Nature's gift to dull, discolored, and aging skin.

What is Bakuchiol? 

Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient with anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties extracted from the leaves and seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant otherwise known as Babchi plant. This Indian native ingredient has been used for Ayurvedic practices and extends roots into natural Chinese medicine. Bakuchiol is potent with antioxidants which reduce discoloration caused by environmental stressors. It’s most popular benefit, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, has made the plant a sensation in modern skincare. While consumers struggled to overcome the side effects of Retinol on their sensitive skin, researchers have found a perfect match. Except there is one big difference - Bakuchiol has no negative side effects. Dr. Jennifer Chwalek from Union Square Laser Dermatology explains this phenomenon by referencing research from a 2018 article in The British Journal of Dermatology. "In a comparison study there was no difference in wrinkle reduction or improvement in hyperpigmentation between bakuchiol and retinol.” (Byrdie) She even goes on to emphasize that retinol users did experience more skin dryness and stinging. 

So, What is Retinol?

Other than being a household name, and one of the most popular and talked about skincare ingredients, Retinol is also simply a vitamin A derivative. An undeniably powerful and sometimes equally destructive chemical, Retinol is best known for its defense against signs of aging. It's like a painkiller - works rapidly to fix one problem while causing others. Skin sensitivity and reactions like redness or a burning sensation are just some of the most experienced side effects. Retinol helps retexturize the skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, fight sun damage, and boost collagen production. To enjoy this magical chemical, you have to create a well-balanced skincare routine. For even more potency dermatologists can prescribe Retin-A, which can not only get rid of fine lines and wrinkles but also help fight acne. Overuse of this topical can cause skin sensitivity to the sun, further developing already existing sunspots and turning them even larger and darker. Dr. Rachel Nazarian, part of New York’s Schweiger Dermatology Group, explains it best: “Unlike retinol, which can make the skin more sensitive to the sun (always make sure to wear SPF during the day), bakuchiol actually helps to make skin less sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays.” (Byrdie) Retinol, although a magical ingredient, should be avoided by people with sensitive skin, rosacea, pregnant women, and young adults. 

Where can I find Bakuchiol?

It might seem like recently Bakuchiol has been easier to find on retail shelves but the secret is all about the proper usage of the plant extract. If you're looking for a safer alternative for retinol, Bakuchiol is the one for you. Brands like KOVO Essentials not only use this extraordinary find in almost all of their products but they've made it the star of the show. The best advice for finding a product you trust is to look at the ingredient list. A lot of brands use bakuchiol with Retinol, and although the product turns out to be extra powerful the side effects of it could be overpowering. Reading the label, researching the brand, and trying the product on its own are just some ways to ensure you've made the right choice. Remember, sometimes a skin reaction only means that the product is working. As long as it doesn't hurt and clears away quickly, a small amount of redness and initial irritation means the product has reached the problematic area and is working its magic. 

Bakuchiol VS Retinol 

There shouldn't be a choice between feeling good and looking good. They go hand in hand. Why use something imperfect when nature has provided immaculate perfection? Bakuchiol is almost identical to retinol's powerful properties, except its gentle touch doesn't leave much room for negative outcomes. People of all ages can see huge benefits of Bakuchiol, even pregnant or breastfeeding moms. Dr Nazarian emphasizes: "No known studies reflect any unwanted or negative side effects...because it is not retinol, it has the potential to be safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.






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