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Timing For Skin Results

Timing For Skin Results

How Long Does It Really Take To See Skin Results?

We get it… you're spending time and money on products for your skin, and you want to know when you’re going to see results. Good news - we’ve got you covered.

As a general rule of thumb, the average adult has a skin cell turnover rate of approximately 28 days. As we get older, this slows, and cellular turnover can take 45-90 days for your skin to completely shed damaged layers of skin. With 28 days being the average, you should allow your products at least one month to perform.

Acne: 1-3 Days | Cysts: 1-6 Weeks | Clear Skin: 4-8 Weeks

Everyone’s skin type, concerns, and personal lifestyles are different, which makes it difficult to put a definitive timeline on clearing up your skin. For this reason it’s important to identify what types of pimples you are experiencing. Various pimple types can be triggered by hormones, stress, bacteria, diet, oil production and more… For example, you may be experiencing hormonal pimples, but treating your skin with anti-bacterial products will not address this type of acne. There is a lot of trial and error associated with acne. Subsequently we find it the most frustrating skin concern to deal with. Once you have identified your skin type, and determined what is causing your acne, achieving clear skin takes between 4-8 weeks with the right products. All of our products are designed to balance your skin’s Microbiome and replenish your skin barrier with ample moisture and nutrients to aid in refining and maintaining a clear complexion. For acne related to bacteria and oil production, we recommend our Turmeric + Probiotic Face Cleanser, our Award Winning Hydrating Toner Mist, and our Turmeric Gel Mask to restore balance and clarity to your skin.

Aging Skin: 6-12 Weeks

There are two types of skin aging: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging is inevitable with time and causes thinning, dryness, fine lines, and dermal atrophy. Extrinsic aging, on the other hand, is triggered by environmental factors and free-radical damage associated with air pollution, sun exposure, diet, and other poor lifestyle habits… Extrinsic aging results in accelerated skin aging, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, rough texture, inflammation and more. Remember, no products will 100% reverse skin aging, because natural changes stemming from genetics cannot be controlled. With cellular turnover slowing with time, it is important to be patient when addressing visible signs of aging. It can take up to 12 weeks to see real results. Our most loved anti-aging product is our plant-based alternative to retinol - KÖVO’s Bakuchiol Serum11. This serum can be used as a preventative or restorative measure to plump, firm, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Safe for sensitive skin, pair the Bakuchiol Serum11 with our Under Eye Patches and the KÖVO Gua Sha Stone for maximum, long-lasting results. 

Uneven Tone + Texture: 4-8 Weeks

You can achieve instant results for brightening your tone and smoothing your skin texture when using the right products. For dark spots, scarring, or other forms of hyperpigmentation, allow 4-8 weeks of consistent use with products to see a complete transformation. Our Turmeric + Probiotic Cleanser and Turmeric Gel Mask are extremely effective for treating skin tone and texture. Rich in Turmeric, Prebiotics, and Probiotics, both of these products work to brighten your skin tone, gently buff away impurities, balance your skin’s microbiome, and relieve inflammation - leaving your skin soft, hydrated, bright, and even in appearance. We recommend using our cleanser daily, and our gel mask at least 2-3x a week to achieve the best and fastest results.

Dry + Oily + Combination Skin: 2-4 Weeks

Some of us experience excessive production or underproduction of oil, and in many cases both! If you struggle with dry, oily, or combination skin - we’ve got good news.  This is likely caused by an imbalance and damage to your skin’s moisture barrier. Dry, oily, and combination skin types can be alleviated instantly, and you should allow a full 2-4 weeks for products to effectively restore and repair your moisture barrier. All KÖVO products are designed to restore balance and hydration to your skin’s microbiome and moisture barrier, utilizing Probiotic Extracts and plant-powered nutrients. Our Award Winning Hydrating Toner Mist paired with our Illuminating Booster Serum33 are two fabulous additions to your routine to restore balance to your skin.

Each of our products serve a different purpose, yet supply the skin with an abundance of multi-tasking skin benefits. Because we utilize Probiotic Extracts and CBD as a base for each product formulation, you can expect to see several skin concerns addressed when utilizing any of the KÖVO products consistently, or when adding a single KÖVO product to your existing skincare routine.


Our philosophy is to create and provide clean, pure, and result-driven skincare.

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