Gua Sha is in, Botox is out


Fear of needles or just have a fear of botox in general? Well, let us tell you about the newest beauty trend that will fulfill all your botox needs - needle free.

Gua Sha stones are used in an Ancient Chinese healing technique that involves “scraping” or “rubbing” your skin with the massage tool to improve circulation. The Gua Sha stimulates microcirculation of soft tissues, improving blood circulation and the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients in the skin. In layman's terms, the Gua Sha helps to keep things moving.

Botox does exactly the opposite of this. While botox might be a “quick fix” to wrinkles and fine lines, it’s harming your body and your wallet. Botox blocks chemical signals from the nerves to the muscles which means the muscle cannot contract after the injection. This can weaken and flatten the muscle overtime, making the skin look thinner and looser. Aside from this, Botox costs around $10-$20 per unit which means it’s about $250-$500 per treatment area. 

KOVO’s Gua Sha stone costs $20 dollars for a forever use, and while it might not be the “quick fix” you desire instantly, it’s safer, cheaper, and helps your skin glow. Treat the Gua Sha like a facial workout tool. Like any exercise, you will feel instant results, but it takes multiple sessions and long term use to reap the long-lasting anti-aging benefits. 5-10 minutes per day is all it takes to start seeing results in your skin. 

Unlike Botox which often causes bruising, pain, swelling, droopy eyelids, crooked smiles, eye dryness and tearing, you will find that using the Gua Sha stone is risk free! Be sure to handle your skin with care, without applying too much pressure to avoid bruising. 

Right now, if you buy KOVO’s Illuminating Booster Serum 33 using the code: SERUM33 you will receive a Gua Sha stone for FREE. A power duo that everyone needs in their lives to help the Gua Sha glide like no other. 

Remember this when considering Botox - if there’s no flow, there’s no glow!