Skin Microbiome 101


Did you know that your skin is crawling with trillions of little bugs? These bugs live on the skin, many of which also live in your gut! Ever heard of taking probiotics for your gut health? Rest assured, Probiotics are beneficial to the skin too!

These invisible microorganisms are made up of good and bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When there is balance and harmony among these critters, the skin thrives and functions properly. When imbalanced, the bad bugs take over, triggering a multitude of ailments like dryness, irritation, breakouts, eczema, premature aging, and more!

Like DNA, your skin's microbiome is unique to you. Hormones, age, genetics, and environmental factors constantly change your skin’s ecosystem. As these changes occur, it is important to supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain balance.


There are two factors that may compromise your skin's microbiome: What you put inside of your body (diet), and what you put on your skin (topicals). If you are experiencing skin imbalances, here are the most common culprits:


  1. You are using products that are damaging your skin. Common soaps, sanitizers, and sulfates are in most cases, too harsh for the skin. Although these may “clean” the bad bugs away, they are also stripping the skin of the good! Try using all-natural cleansers instead, and staying away from acidic chemicals.
  2. Your gut health is compromised. There is a plentiful amount of research that proves there is a direct connection between your gut, and your skin. Common causes of poor gut health are antibiotics and an imbalanced and/or unhealthy diet. Eating nutritious foods and minimizing antibiotic consumption can transform your skin for the better.
  3. You're overdoing it with skincare products. As previously mentioned, most soaps and cleansers will strip the skin of its good bacteria. Using Probiotic Skincare products will help replenish the good bacteria, allowing for a balanced ecosystem. If your skincare products are made up of chemicals, this will only make your skin more vulnerable. Ditch the chemicals, and go plant-based with your products.
  4. You’re spending a lot of time in urban areas. Urban areas are unfortunately overwhelmed with free radicals. Exposure to air pollutants that come in contact with your skin all day long will cause accelerated aging and possible skin conditions to arise. Try using products that will help defend against free radical damage, like our Hydrating Toner Mist

Maintaining a Balanced Skin Microbiome will:

  1. Protect your skin against bad bacteria and external stressors like UV exposure, pollution, humidity, irritating skin care products.
  2. Restore your skin’s pH level, creating a healthy ecosystem for your skin to flourish.
  3. Repair and Strengthen the skin barrier, making it less susceptible to irritation, breakouts, and accelerated aging.
  4. Maintain and increase skin hydration.
  5. Offer antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
As the largest organ of the human body, and the first line of defense against free radicals, viruses, and other harmful elements, it is crucial to care for your SKIN, as it ultimately plays a huge role in your health.

KOVO Essentials’ complete skin system is designed to restore and maintain your skin's Microbiome. The entire collection is packed with gentle, plant-based ingredients including Probiotic and Hemp extracts. Paired with other luxury botanicals, KOVO Skincare products will rebalance and strengthen your skin’s health. You can thank us later. :)