Skin From The Inside Out


What you eat plays an important role in how your skin looks. If your insides aren’t being treated well, your outsides will show it. 

When buying or ordering food you always want to make sure that you balance your blood sugar, promote hydration, and get foods that are beneficial to your gut health. Being conscience about this will help your skin look better than you could ever imagine. 

You want to get foods that provide the body with healthy fats, protein, and vitamins. Healthy fats help to decrease inflammation, improve circulation and hydration. Some healthy fats include Omega 3s, Omega 9s, DHA/EPA, and ALA. Proteins are important because they provide amino acids which if you didn’t know there are specific amino acids that help the skin like Lysine, Leucine, and many others. Lastly, the three most important vitamins that help the skin are Vitamin E, C, and D. 

Some foods have healthy fats, protein, and vitamins while others might not have all three but they still have great properties for the skin. Here are some of our favorite foods that help the skin. 


Broccoli is rich in vitamin E, C, and A which are important for the skin because they provide a lot of protection from UV rays and free radicals. These vitamins also help to speed up healing, prevent breakouts, and help to hydrate the skin to provide the skin with a natural glow over time. Broccoli also contains Sulforaphane, Lutein, and Zinc which provide extra protection and can help to slow down the aging of the skin.  


Tomatoes are great for the skin and also as a snack and in lots of recipes! Tomatoes have Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Lutein, and Lycopene. All of these help to protect the skin while boosting collagen production, maintaining skin health and appearance. They are also great for helping to protect the skin from sun damage and signs of aging. 


Walnuts are great to snack on and to incorporate into a salad for an extra crunch! They are essential in fatty acids which help to decrease inflammation, promote circulation, and improve hydration! They are one of the richer nuts in omega 3 and 6 which helps with the appearance and feel of the skin. Other important nutrients are zinc, vitamin E, Selenium (rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from UV rays), and protein. 

Dark Chocolate

If you ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate here it is - now don’t get too excited because it should be at least 70% cocoa powder which will help keep the skin thick and hydrated. It will also help with wrinkles over time

Green Tea

Green Tea is known in the beauty industry, it can be found in mask forms but you can also drink it to help the skin. Green Tea protects from sun damage and aging and improves moisture, roughness, thickness, and elasticity of the skin. It’s important to note that you should try to drink it with NO milk because it can reduce the effectiveness of Green Tea.