KÖVO Essentials Formulator

From lab bench to manufacturing floor, KOVO Essentials adheres to the highest standards of compliance and quality.

All manufacturing is rigorously monitored via computer controls throughout the entire process, and automated temperature controls ensure complete stability to the manufacturing environment.

Tracking is performed from the moment that raw materials enter our lab, throughout the manufacturing process, packaging, and on to distribution.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

KOVO Essentials' facility is fully compliant in Good Manufacturing Practices, and we pride ourselves on the consistent delivery of high-quality products.

OTC Management

KOVO Essentials laboratory and manufacturer are registered with the FDA. Compliance is a daily task, involving ongoing long-term studies and record keeping to assure that the dose of delivery is reliable from batching, to packaging, to long term stability in the package itself.

Quality Assurance

KOVO Essentials' Quality Assurance (QA) team is comprised of skilled and highly trained individuals in every aspect of the cosmetic manufacturing process. In their labs, batches are measured and tested to assure that they meet product specifications. All batches are sampled for Microbiological contamination. OTC batches are assayed to assure that all the active ingredients are present in the levels as designed to meet precise specifications. The production lines have their own team of QA people that sample products as they are filled to assure consistent fills, labeling and packaging specifications. The entire facility is periodically swabbed and checked microbiologically, to assure the reasonable microflora of the environment. All this is performed to maintain control and to record each and every lot of product produced.


Every kettle, utensil, filling line and all other systems have a sanitization procedure that is followed according to protocol and documented into a log for every batch made. This is all part of Good Manufacturing Practices.