Microbiome Explained

What is the Microbiome?

We have trillions of little invisible bugs living on our skin. These microorganisms need to live in balance to keep your skin functioning properly. When balanced, the skin thrives. When imbalanced, bad bugs take over, triggering a multitude of ailments like dryness, irritation, breakouts, eczema, premature aging, and more.

Like DNA, your skin's microbiome is unique to you. Hormones, genetics, age, and environmental factors constantly change your skin's ecosystem. As these changes occur, it is important to supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain balance.

Healthy Microbiome = Happy Skin

Ever heard of taking Probiotics for your gut health? Well, Probiotics are beneficial for your skin too. The skin's Microbiome is similar to your gut's Microbiome, as they contain some of the same critter species. Replenishing your gut and skin with good microbes like prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics can transform your skin and digestive functions.

How to Nurture Your Microbiome


  • Your gut health directly effects your skin.

    A well balanced diet that is high in protein, vegetables, fruits, fiber, and fats is key to avoiding internal distress and inflammation. This positively impacts your skin's microbiome by allowing your body to function and heal itself properly.


Foods consumed by Probiotics.

PREBIOTICS feed our natural system's bacteria's, stimulating growth and improving the balance of healthy bacteria.


Good, live Bacteria.

When used in skincare, PROBIOTICS are replanted on and into the skin, bringing balance to your skin's health, ultimately promoting a clearer more balanced complexion.


Byproducts of bacteria.

Rather than feeding existing bacteria, or replanting probiotics in and onto the skin, POSTBIOTICS are fermented from the living bacteria on our skin, doing the work, and supplying the skin with these natural byproducts from the start.

Balance First.

If you are experiencing skin trouble, the first thing you need to address is your Microbiome. Balance here is essential, and we can assure you that once your skin's ecosystem is stabalized, your skin concerns will begin to dissipate.